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Tomas Haake - Drums

Drums: Sonor SQ2 Series

Double 22 x 18" Bass Drums, 14 x 6" Sonor Artist Bronze Snaredrum, 14 x 14" Tom, 12 x 11" Tom, 15 x 15" Floor Tom, 18 x 18" Floor Tom.

Cymbals: Sabian 14" HHX Rock Hats, 19" AAXtreme Chinese, 19" HHX Stage Crash, 21" HHX Stage Crash, 20" HHX Stage Crash, 15" HH Crash stacked over 19" Paragon Chinese, 15" HHX Stage Hats, 22" Legacy Ride (as crash), 21" AAXtreme Chinese.

Drum Heads: Remo clear Emperor on tom batters, clear Ambassador on tom bottoms, Remo custom aramid fibre head on snare batter, Hazy Ambassador on snare bottom, Powerstroke 4 on bassdrum batters, Ebony Powerstroke 3 on resonant sides.

Drum Sticks: Wincent

Pedals: Trick Pro 1-V

Drum Beaters: Rhythm Tech balance bass drum beaters

Drum Cases: Protechtor Cases by Gator - Elite Series

Drumthrone: Porter & Davies BC2 w/backrest


For complete setup, see chart pic in Gallery below.


Endorsed Brands:

Sonor - Drums

Sabian - Cymbals

Wincent - Drum Sticks

Remo - Drum Heads

Trick - Drum Pedals

Protechtor - Drum Cases

Toontrack - Drum Software

Steinberg - Cubase Recording Software

Shure - Microphones & PCM900 Personal Monitor System

Porter & Davies - Drumthrone

Rhythm Tech - Drum Beaters

Sonitus - Kicker

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