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Lacerating pains of degeneration speed through your trembling mind
Still, in machine-like strife you gain another mile
The temporary elusive goal; To reach the solace, to feed once more
upon the synthetic reaper of loss. No matter the outcome. No matter the cost

Cold and stinging needs tearing through the halls
of your defiled, fleshmade temple with its closing walls
Still you claim the worshipper's pose and you bow. You kneel

Control; once superior, now a docile pet at chaos' feet
Pulling the leash as it trails the scent to where all hurt recedes
Your past a blurry patch in mind. Your future once; now thin dreams filed
Toward the lights of need you strive - To drink into your vein the shine

Beaten to the unforgiving ground. Lashed into submission
- By the inner starving demon. By its unrelenting hand
Still you claim the worshipper's pose and you bow. You kneel to the syringe

Answering only to authorities of sedation. Their calls the only ones heeded
A worn out soldier touched by their contagion. A battered drone at their feet
You're the one betrayed. An outcast set afire by your inner war
Your burning self so far astray. A combustion fanned from within your core
Rational Gaze
Squint your eyes to see clearly. Blur reality to make it real
Let focus go from your deceiving eyes to know what's been concealed
We've all been blinded - Subjects to visual misinformation
A systematic denial of the crystalline

Our light-induced image of truth - Filtered blank of its substance
As our eyes won't adhere to intuitive lines
Everything examined. Separated, one thing at a time
The harder we stare the more complete the disintegration

To see the fine grain, to read the hidden words
The context of parallel truth - Devoid of fragmentation
Eyes re-opened, susceptible
Reasoning focalized. Receptors activated

Perspectives distorted
The ladder beyond our grasp
The twin-headed serpent forever hidden
Where's the true knowledge
Where engines of the sane & insanity merge
the clarity, the unity

Reality untouchable, transparent, invisible
to our fixed, restricted fields of vision
Existence taken for granted, absolute
Uncomprehended by our content minds

Possessed, owned, run, controlled
by the common sense-infected rational gaze
Onward forever we walk among the ignorant
Never stray from the common lines
Perpetual Black Second
Trapped in a ceaseless fever of spite,
an unending fit of resentment and anger
Caught in a moment of unforgiveness
In the snapshot of a hatefilled second

The speedless flickering of uncomprehending eyes
-Dialated in disbelief
Your vacant gaze distorted
Twisted in its accusing glare

Teeth glimmering in emotional rage
Spit of hate suspended mid-air
Bodies strained in fury
Devoured by jaws of despair

One single image frame I wish to forget
now replayed in succession of millions
The one second I will always regret
-My hell found in its reiteration

Held within the visualization,
the continuous rerun of my own violence
A fraction of time perpetuated
By my regretful soul animated

Please forgive the evil in me
-The darkness within
Ferocious, inherent demon
Adrenaline gland resident

Threatened subconscious snake
Repressed into striking coil
Surfacing that black second
Ascending with the boil
Closed Eye Visuals
Unbound to the pale and lifeless day by the multicoloured, multiform
A spinning antidream unthought. -Exceeding the obsolete reality
Overheated inner shape-generator. Blowing every cerebral fuse
Insanity filtered and systematized. -Feeding the tools of mind abuse

Mind-signal transmission peaked, distorted, bent, unrestrained
Neuroreceivers shortcircuit. System parameters over-gained
Nervethreads decoding the stream of the reality-inverting revolution
The patterned untruth of non-dream: The closed eye visual delusion

A frantic cellular race down the switchbacks of mind
-Throttling the existence-engine. A propulsion beyond all limit lines
Convulsive thrusts of septic energy as infected cells collide
Unleashing the video-bacterial disease. -The sinew-conducted pseudo-vision

Mind-signal transmission peaked, distorted, bent, unrestrained
Neuroreceivers shortcircuit. System parameters over-gained
Nervethreads decoding the stream of the reality-inverting revolution
The patterned untruth of non-dream: The closed eye visual delusion

Self unfolds like a disintegrating dream
All revealed but the sinister cause
My lying eyes come apart at the seams
Still how could I ever regret the loss

The self transformed into wave lengths,
-Reverberating this unyielding dream. Lost in this greedy illusion
I'm forever devoured by the closed eye visual delusion

A twirling visual overload - Explosions of terror and beauty
Colors of fear and pain within clash into unanything
A spectra-organic frenzy setting fire to the neuro-highways of mind
Revolving me away from time. A soul now rendered unassigned
Glints Collide
Winds that shine a bright, blinding dark. Kerosene flames so cold they crack
Suns that blow becalmed twisters. Ferocity sleeping. Nothingness stacked
Intestines worn to shield the inward limbs. Screams unheard. Deafening thoughts
Levitating ground. The solid water burns. Liquid stone. The immobile turns

Corrosion soothing the hurt within
Surroundings reaching to touch your skin
Progress in stalemate. Death is alive
Eyes and mind glint - Glints collide

Pains sending shivers of wellbeing down your spine. Sounds of healing crack your bones
Lamentation carving into smiling faces. Surrounded by everyone, still you're all alone
Wormholes set as halos over sinners' skulls. Leaves chasing the fallen air away
A lifetime of needle-eyes too wide to escape, where honesty lies and angels betray

Incisions mending the wounds within
Surroundings breach the surface of your skin
Progress in static. Life has died
Eyes and mind glint - Glints collide

Reincarnation trapped in a life span.
Corpses bolted to the ground arise
Omnilights flooding your world with their darkness
as your reflection turns its back to your eyes

You've entered your self-created antiparadise
Your universe processed and tapped in jars
Neverending insanity
Down in the hell of mind, where glints collide
Organic Shadows
The glued-on sheet of self control. The ply of sense, of sanity
-Cracking at the seams. Torn from my reality
The motion of thoughts subdued. Overcome, suppressed by terror
The mouth of fear overfed by dread beyond measure

Pounding waves of overload running through my every nerve
Will reduced to nothingness. My system overturned
My mind resigns to defeat. Internal razors activated
-Slashing trough unprocessed thought. The severance of self complete

Heartbeats hammering at the sight
A revelation to wrap my soul in fear
Blinded by the neverlight
as I stare into my organic shadow

The bin of repressed emotions crammed
Limits of pain by far exceeded
I stare into the blank
the mantra of dead silence repeated

Hear me
Find me
Save me
The dead me

This hell of vacuum abound
with the chanting whispers of the mute
Exposed to the wrath of neversound
-The words of my organic shadow
Straws Pulled At Random
What solace lies in the arms of fate
-The ill embrace of uncertainty
When did I leave this in other hands
-To be pulled down at chance

Ripped away by destiny-claws
Am I another of fate's possessions
Dwelling the lie of freedom
Just another straw pulled at random

Reclaimed by deceiving time
A silent judgement I can not overrule

Drawn back into the origin-vortex
Uprooted and ground to dust
Retracted into anti-existence
A magnet repelled by life's polarity

Denied the self control of fate
we flow suspended in semi-life
Until the ever imminent day
when oblivion claims our breath

Nowhere indefinitely
Not dead, not alive
Existence-patterns ripped of symmetry
as will and fate divide

Have I appeased the gods of fate
Am I allowed another day
Must I die to escape
the scanning eyes of death
Stroboscopic contorsion-assault. Lightbulb language translated into fits
Codes of tendon-flickers I can't grasp. Focus lost as I writhe and twitch
Random beats of blinding shockwaves. Erratic suns that twist my eyes
Flashes pounding at my thoughts as the intrinsic pains multiply

Muscle and tissue twined with every violent lash
Battered by an unrelenting shine
Immobilized by the increasing pains,
the procreating agonies of system breakdown

Lightwave frequency body-oscillation. Undeciphered motions pass through my flesh
Bodily reverberation induced. A corporeal system lost in its waves
Bleached into their existence by tremulous epileptic strokes
Blasts of irregular pulsar-radiation -Triggering the process of mind and body control

Lost to their control
A sentence - in flashes told
Enticed by their calls; - Insane, divine

Torn, undone, dissolved
By incandescent gods condemned,
Burned. Their mark on my soul
To my inverted shadow confined

Twisted, spun. Vertebras and spinal column unaligned
Joints shattered and torn apart. Spasm-rendered distortion
Organic spiral. Stretched and torn into a new creation
A wordless thing, a thingless word. Lightborn malformation
Drowned in this screaming silence
Embraced by shadows, they tear me
The wormholes free my eyes

The blood boils - it knows
My thoughts burn as minds liquify, vaporize
Reality scorched by this fixed state

All beginnings slain by ends
I seep down into the black to breathe

Drifting to merge with the past
My tounge licks the residue of the future

Bitter taste, the wombs of claws call me
Filth rips them open. The stillborn start to move
Lidless eyes twitching beneath a sheet of rot
They reach out, they want to kiss - It matters not

In dreams it speaks to me of the truth that means reality

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