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- NONE -

I'm the concrete leper, sickness repulsion embodied
But hear the sermon escaping my vermin mouth
You might even stay with me in the dirt
I'm soaked in putrid sewage risen from empty words
To you a legion of nausea, i'm your sins i'm your crown of thorns
I've seen the blood of generations
The ravenous mouth called system
We're all shaped by vulgar hands
The grip of hate and lies
The sustenance to our bellicose ways
An ignorance almost justified
As the gap of humanity friction grows
The skull of life - lobotomized
Hear me, i'm ignominy
There's no renaissance in bleeding - no
I've flown a million minds, black in despair
The liquids of uncertainty spit into their eyes
Our flesh embedded in counters of iniquity
It seems like we are all just merchandise not civilized
No words we adapt in our silence paralyzed
To changes erasing our last denial lines
Attitudes crucified, still we're going on
Crawling toward submissive suicide
Noone knows the soul of tears and why can't we see human indignity
Who will laugh at the growing suffering, the bleeding rapidly breeding, increasing
The clock is ticking on before us constantly running
Hypnotized, energized by naivety
Take a pick at random choose our future to be
Crawling in the mess of stupidity
We won't hear when we're dead and gone
We trust in lies or a fake paradise
Are we blinded til' the bitter end
Decided or maybe very misguided
Travelling through endless times inside of nothingness
Reaching for a new belief in vain, insane
Our molded lifes an ever catatonic flow
We're rejected ever more by lucidity
Why, strange, why
Why change
Why not suicide
No, strange, no
No change
No not suicide
With ears that are shut to the inner voice
We're giving in to the shattering
Tell me how can we take it
Tell me why are we here
Hanging in the balance of deceit and blasphemy
Paralyzed in sightless drains
Ignorant and still no panic
Is there no way to be free
No why me not us why not
Blind, strange, blind
Blind, change
Blind suicide
Damn, faith, damn
Damn lies
I - alone i fill myself with everything I have
See into my empty face
Scarred, I know I'll never be
You're all the power in my fucked up feelings
Worn out by frayed old visions, I know I am you too
So I wear your mission, mark my every step
And I choke my lonely breath so I can bear my seed
Slay - well I do know my hand
Obey - I look into myself
Crawling ragged in my brain, i'm no enemy to me
 I am the hate you made of flesh and blood
I am the man you ate now left to sour
Embark my solitude, fill up with pain
Beloved enemy you never betray
I know you, still I pay
Simple way - go insane
I don't beg, never I choose
Will I ever, i'm still you
Chaos is the way you drain me into be you
Last traces of the me, converted by your reign
Merge into an indigestible pestilent trip
Seasons of infinity, inhabitant of pain
Incorporeal sense, can't resist what I need - spirits to release my power
Reckon i'm beyond recuperation, swallow every hour
Here I stand in the middle of my entity - revile my head
You're all I have and I ask your feelings - ritual, ritual
Hand in hand, back to back
Yearning to obey
See, I go insane
Me, your only friend
I, never run away
Hate, you're all I ever have
You know I am seeing your realm at my bed
Our love never ending, you run my head
See I was made for you, roll my mind away
Embedded in hate - you're all I have
Gods Of Rapture
I feel torn apart, a vile misfit fallen
Deep into affliction of my hollow mind
The sense of suffocation grows inside my lungs
When I wake into truth i'm back among the blind
The truth of lies disenchanting my eyes
How can I survive, I can't stand being alive
Gods of rapture enshrouding my eyes
A try to hide that slowly I die
My past laugh at me from the other side of negation
Untying the lasting few cords of common sense
Submerged into the flow, the rapids of addiction
Too weak to push it back, a worm without defence
My flesh fading, undressing the bones
Behold me naked, cadaver exposed
This my abuse, I can't take it no more
The fragile truth sneering at me with teeth pressed
Like thrusting nails into my head
All my life I regret
Aztec Two-Step

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